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Diva Sewing Cabinet

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Diva’s fold down quilt leaf makes her ideal for large projects, and her caddy features a removable ironing pad, a cubby to fit an embroidery unit, and 2 additional drawers for accessory storage.

As the name suggests, our Diva sewing cabinet implies a certain level of notoriety – and for good reason! Featuring an automated electric lift, quilt leaf, and pull-out caddy, Diva puts the pro, back in “productive”.

Not sold? Our lifetime guarantee ensures a worry-free performance for all your creative projects to come!

Diva's large 30-1/2" x 14-1/2" opening will fit all sewing/embroidery machines on the market. And with a push of a button, her electric lift will raise, lower and support a maximum weight of 65 pounds of any machine. The electric lift allows you the freedom to stop anywhere along the lift rail for precise positioning. With an amazing 27 square feet of surface space, you will never need another cabinet ever again!
No need to get up and down out of your chair to press and cut fabric, as our Diva features a sewing triangle concept that allows you to sew, iron and cut in the same area using the caddy with a removable ironing pad. The caddy features a large cubby hole to hold any of the large embroidery units on the market and has 2 drawers for all your sewing accessories. The quilt leaf panel on the back of the Diva is the full width of the cabinet and will support your heavier quilting and sewing projects, plus it folds down for storage. The door features a lock to secure your machine away from little hands that may damage your machine. Close her door, tuck the caddy into her slot, fold the quilt leaf down and place the cover over the opening and your Diva becomes a neat, compact secure cabinet housing all your sewing items.
Your Diva will arrive fully assembled with a tough melamine laminate in white allowing for years of sewing use and matching any decor!

Will this cabinet fit my machine?
The Diva will accommodate all machines currently on the market!
Diva comes fully assembled!


  •  Sturdy design with locking industrial casters for portability and stability
  •  Pull-out caddy with ironing station to press fabric
  •  Locking bi-fold doors for safety and security
  •  Designed to work with a custom machine insert for increased comfort and efficiency
  •  Electric button-operated lift auto stops for different lift positions
  •  Large cubby for large embroidery attachments or other materials
  •  Two shallow drawers for notions or embroidery hoop storage
  • Kangaroo Sewing Furniture Lifetime Limited Warranty

Cabinet Specifications

  • Cabinet Dimensions Open:
    • 69 ½” W x 43 ? ” D  x 30” H
  • Cabinet Dimensions Closed:
    • 69 ½” W x 30” D x 30” H
  • Quilt Leaf:
    • 69 ½” W x 13 ?” D x ¾” H
  • Lift Opening:
    • 30 ?” W x 14 ¼” D x 16 ¾” H
  • Caddy Dimensions:
    • 34 ?” W x 28 ?” D x 25 ¼” H
  • Caddy Cubby:
    • 23 ?” W x 32” D x 28 ½” H
  • Caddy Small Drawer:
    • 29 ?” W x 14 ?” D x 3 ? ” H
  • Caddy Large Drawer:
    • 29 ½ ” W x 15” D x 3 ¼” H

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