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Frequently Asked Questions

Sewing Machines

Why do I keep breaking needles when sewing over seams?

Why is my thread is looping on the underside of my material?
The most common reason for thread to loop or pull down under the fabric is that the machine is not properly threaded. Always completely re-thread the machine making sure you have a good quality thead and a good needle. If you can, check your tension discs to see if old thread or lint is lodged there. If this does not solve the problem, we can check the machine for you.

Why do I keep dropping stitches while trying to sew?
Make sure you are using the correct needle for your fabric. Because of the way different fabrics are manufactured, different needles are required. We carry a complete line of Klasse and Schmetz needles for this reason.
Try a new needle and be sure you are using good thread. If you still have problems, we are here to help.

Can I use any thread I want to do embroidery?
In general, any thread will work. The difference in embroidery thread and regular thread is that embroidery thread is much brighter and your designs will stand out much better. Embroidery threads include rayon and polyester. Rayon is a little denser while polyester will hold it's color better and washes better. We have resently added a finer polyester thread from Floriani which will sew smaller lettering and finer detail better without jamming.

I am having a problem with my serger.

What needle should I be using for different projects?

Why are chrome needles better than regular needles for sewing?

I'm having trouble feeding my fabic, especially when quilting. What do I need to do?

Vacuum Cleaners

Why am I getting a burning rubber smell?
The most common reason for a burning smell is that the belt is worn or stretched out. Most vacuum belts are just large rubber bands and stretch out whether the vacuum is running or not. Manufacturers recommend replacing belts at least once a year. Many of the newer vacuums we carry have lifetime belts which will never stretch out.

My Dyson vacuum is not working properly. What should I do?
We have been trained on Dyson repairs. Many parts are stocked and Dyson service normally takes only a few days. Simply bring in your vacuum and we will handle the work for you. If you have a cordless Dyson, you must contact Dyson directly.

My vacuum is spitting out dirt and not picking up. What should I do?
More than likely, your vacuum is stopped up somewhere. Check your wands, hoses, and any visible channels for blockage. You can try dropping a coin through your hose and wands to see if there is an occlusion. Also make sure your filters are clean and your bag is empty. If you still have problems, we are here to help.

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